'Attack on Titan' Reveals Surprising New Female Titan

Attack on Titan season 3's latest episode, 'Sin', revealed some of the most crucial secrets [...]

Attack on Titan season 3's latest episode, "Sin", revealed some of the most crucial secrets involving Eren Yeager and his Titan powers. Through a process of memory recovery, a captive Eren learns about his own father's dark and disturbing sins, and how those sins are directly connected to this new Female Titan character!

As it turns out, Eren's father Grisha Yeager wasn't at all the man Eren thought he knew. Grisha had used the power of the Attack Titan to ambush the Reiss family, in order to steal the power of the Founding Titan (pictured above) from its wielder at the time, Rod Reiss's daughter, Frieda Reiss.

"Sin" takes us on a flashback to when Grisha attacks the entire Reiss family in their underground sanctuary, and we get to see Frieda unleash the power of the Founding Titan, in order to battle Grisha and save her family. As Rod Reiss explains to Eren, Frieda was still a novice when it came to using the Titan power, and she was unable to stop the more experienced Grisha. Ultimately, Grisha smashes Frieda's Titan and devours the girl, stealing her power and murdering the rest of her family for good measure. And so, this new female Titan is gone, just as quickly as the show introduced her!

Eren and Historia Reiss learning the truth about the dark connection between the Reiss and Yeager families re-frames the myth of the Nine Titans and its legacy in a light that's pretty disturbing — even for Attack on Titan. Season 3 has been a depressing revelation of how society inside the walls has been built on much darker and sinister secrets than anyone could have guessed. From the Gestapo tactics of the Interior Police over the years, to the more personal histories of main characters like Eren, Levi, Erwin and Mikasa, the season has barely featured any titans at all so far, and has somehow managed to be the most shocking and disturbing storyline yet. Go figure.

While this tragic history of the Reiss family seems self-contained, and Frieda's arc as the Founding Titan seems more anecdote than foreshadow, "Sin" nonetheless provides some game-changing twists to how Eren and Co. will view these Titan powers going forward, as well as their place within different organizations — be it the military regiments they belong to, the districts they're connected to, or within their actual bloodlines.

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