Avatar The Last Airbender Cosplay Heats Things Up With Fire Nation Aang

Since arriving on Netflix, Avatar The Last Airbender has become one of the most watched shows on the streaming service to date, and fans are taking the opportunity to dive into some serious art work and cosplay, with one fan bringing Aang to life via his Fire Nation look from the final season of the series. During the third season, Aang and the gang infiltrated the Fire Nation in hopes of stopping the country's mad attempts at ruling the world thanks in part to the cruel leadership of Fire Lord Ozai, having to take on drastically different appearances in the process.

Aang's look in the final chapter of Avatar The Last Airbender didn't just have him putting on Fire Nation regalia, but also had him growing out his hair for the first time in the series. Though the final fight against Ozai saw Aang shaving his head, his hair growing out was able to not only disguise his tattoos on his scalp, but also showed fans that he could indeed grow hair! As Aang struggled with how to proceed against the Fire Lord, with the previous Avatars informing him that the best method to take was to kill the mad despot.

Instagram Cosplayer Tsundere Cosplay shared this impressive take on Aang's Fire Nation look from the final season of Avatar: The Last Airbender, giving us a decidedly different look at the Avatar in his final journey to stop the march of the Fire Nation:

Though the animated adventures of the Aang Gang has come to a close, Netflix is already working on revisiting the series thanks in part to a live action adaptation. While the original creators were on board with the project at first, creative differences had them parting ways with the streaming service's project.

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