Avatar: The Last Airbender Shares Original Storyboard for Zuko's Best Battle

Avatar: The Last Airbender created one of animation's most beloved universe in three seasons, and fans continue to revisit the world to this day. Thanks to Netflix, the Avatar Universe is bigger than ever as millions have used the site to check out the critical darling. Of course, fans of the show have had plenty of time to pick out their favorite scenes, and Nickelodeon has given netizens Ann inside-look at one of Avatar's most famous fights of all.

Yes, that is right. It is time to get a heaping lesson on all things Agni Kai. The sacred challenge has been part of Fire Nation culture for years, and fans can see how the fight between Zoko and Azula came to light.

You can check out the video below as Nickelodeon shared the Avatar clip on Twitter. The network wanted to show fans the original pencil test for the epic battle. Before the team could even begin final animations, they had to storyboard the Agni Kai, and Avatar fans can see that pencil test in motion now.

The gorgeous clip comes in at under two minutes, but it shows plenty of action during its run time. Zuko and Azula are shown throwing fiery punches at one another in succession, and that is just the start. The show's epic duel was dynamic in every sense of the word. This pencil test shows that dynamism was planned from the very start. Of course, this fight warrants such detail given how much time Avatar spent building it up. Now, fans can see what kind of effort went into drafting the Agni Kai, and Avatar fans can better appreciate the battle animators faced in bringing the duel to life.

What do you think of the Agni Kai's first draft? Which other scenes from Avatar need this kind of behind-the-scenes clip? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.