Avatar The Last Airbender Fans Need a Show About Every Avatar ASAP

Avatar The Last Airbender fans have been "eating well" since the arrival of the series onto Netflix, with the sequel series of Legend of Korra landing on the streaming service shortly after, but with plenty of territory yet to explore, some fans are begging for each incarnation of the Avatar to get their own series, ourselves included! As fans know, the "Avatar" is a bender with the ability to master all the elements and is reincarnated into a new body following their death, presenting plenty of opportunities for story potential for each of these unique characters!

Aang and Korra, the two Avatars of their respective series, could not be more different and because of this fact, their individual stories varied greatly from one another not just thanks to the different threats they faced, but their distinctive personalities. Prior to either of these two protagonists, there were scores of Avatars that had wildly different methodologies of saving the world, with a few of them being touched upon in the two Nickelodeon produced series. Kyoshi, an Avatar who was far more vicious than the protagonists we came to know, recently received a novel series that showed just how far she was willing to go to protect the world in which she resided.

Twitter User FatherAdm shared the call to action for fans of both Avatar The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra, declaring that individual series should be given to each of the protectors of the world, though we are sorry to say that Batman was never an Avatar himself regardless of his appearance in this image:

Though there currently aren't any plans to return to the world of Avatar via an animated series, Netflix is currently working on a live action adaptation for the adventures of Aang. Originally, the creators of the original series were included on the production of this upcoming show, but unfortunately, ran into a "conflict of ideas" with the streaming service. We're still crossing our fingers that the live action series does justice to the original source material, considering how beloved it has become.

Which Avatar besides Aang and Korra would you love to see receive their own series? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of bending!