Avatar The Last Airbender Cosplay Gives Us A Fire Nation Family Reunion

Avatar The Last Airbender has once again come into the public eye thanks in part to the series' arrival on the streaming service of Netflix, and some fans of the Nickelodeon produced series have gathered together to help capture the most dysfunctional family within the Fire Nation. When Zuko was banished from the Fire Nation for getting on the bad side of his father Ozai, his sister Azula was given the task of bringing him home and capturing the Avatar to boot, creating a villainous dynamic that made this family one of the most memorable in the series!

The finale of Avatar The Last Airbender saw Aang and the rest of the gang fighting directly against the Fire Lord Ozai, but we got a much more personal, and perhaps more brutal, fight in the brawl between Zuko and his sister Azula. Joined by Katara, Zuko was able to best his sister in combat at the same time as Aang was able to bring down Ozai. The series ended with the family being even more broken than they once were, but the Fire Nation having the opportunity to heal from their former plan of world domination with Zuko now ruling as the new Fire Lord!

Instagram Cosplayer Reyla_Cosplay shared the group shout of cosplayers that came together to give us a family shot of the leaders of the Fire Nation, wearing traditional royal attire that goes a long way in proving that these are the "once and future kings":

Though Avatar's first series came to an end, the animated show has continued in the comics with Aang, Zuko, and the other members of the cast diving into the world following the defeat of the Fire Nation. In Avatar The Last Airbender: The Promise, Zuko specifically takes on the task of attempting to learn more about the fate of his mother and deals with the current scenarios of both his father and his sister that were imprisoned following their defeat.

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