BEM Delays Next Episode Following Kyoto Animation Tragedy

As life slowly gets back to normal for the staff of Kyoto Animation, much of the anime fandom is still in shock over the tragic arson which targeted the studio this month. With more than 30 victims confirmed dead following the attack, Kyoto Animation is taking time to find a new normal, and the industry is adjusting to the studio's needs. And if that means delaying a certain anime, then that is what will happen.

Recently, the official site of BEM posted an update on its website. It was there fans were informed the show will be delaying its next episode until mid-August in the wake of the Kyoto Animation tragedy.

Details about the delay are sparse, but BEM connects the push to the Kyoto Animation fire. The anime's fourth episode will be delayed until August 19, and content changes will be made to the episode as well.

For fans, this delay is surprising given its length. Shortly after the fire happened on July 18, the anime Fire Force did hold back its next episode. The new anime returned this last week with minimal censorship which fans understood; Given the nature of Fire Force, the anime might be triggering to a community that's sensitive to fire-related trauma at the moment. However, the delay of BEM was not expected.

The series is overseen by LandQ Studios as well as Production I.G. The anime, which debuted on July 15, follows human-like demons on a fight for justice. Living amongst mankind, these heroes fight off other demons who would destroy humanity, but the leads continue fighting in hopes they may become human themselves one day. While little is known about episode four, fans are speculating the upcoming release might have featured fire-related deaths of some sort, and such a graphic episode would require careful handling given the recent tragedy at Kyoto Animation.