Max Just Dropped One of Cartoon Network's Old-School Hits

Max has dropped another animated fave as Ben 10 is no longer streaming on the service.

It has happened again, guys. Since its launch, Max (formerly HBO Max) has struggled to find heart with the animation fandom. From classic cartoons to anime, the service has earned plenty of flak for its treatment of animated titles. And today, that legacy is growing as Max just axed access to one of Cartoon Network's best shows, Ben 10.

No, you read that right. This is for real. Ben 10 is no longer available on Max despite the animated series being a Cartoon Network staple.

Thankfully, there are other ways to tune into Ben 10 if you want to check out the original series. Netflix has Ben 10 on hand, and the same for Hulu and Amazon Prime Video. To be clear, we are talking about the original Ben 10 series from 2005 being impacted. The show has a number of sequels on hand, but when it comes to Ben 10, few things can beat its original run.

For those unfamiliar with Ben 10, the series made its debut in December 2005, and the original series ran for four seasons before Ben 10: Alien Force launched. Created by Man of Action, Ben 10 became a staple series for Cartoon Network upon launch, and its legacy is thriving. As recently as 2021, Ben 10 was rolling out new content courtesy of Cartoon Network, so fans are definitely surprised to see Max cut access to the old-school fave.

If you have not checked out Ben 10, the series holds up to this day. You can find the original run streaming on Netflix and Hulu as mentioned. So for those wanting more info on the sci-fi series, you can read the official synopsis for Ben 10 below:

"Ben Tennyson was just an average 10-year-old kid until he discovered a strange alien watch in a crashed meteorite. Called the Omnitrix, this watch gives Ben the ability to transform into any of 10 alien heroes, all the while keeping his 10-year-old personality."

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