Berserk Tattoo Honors The Mysterious Skull Knight

The world of Berserk might be dark and dreadful as the Band of the Hawk member, Guts, attempts to [...]

The world of Berserk might be dark and dreadful as the Band of the Hawk member, Guts, attempts to get revenge for the loss of his comrades at the hands of his former friend Griffith, but it has created a number of characters that have left their mark on countless anime fans, as one proves by getting a tattoo honoring the mysterious warrior known only as Skull Knight. Though we have yet to learn the full story of this mysterious horse riding, sword-wielding being, it's clear that his past has had big ramifications on the world created by Kentaro Miura!

Surprisingly enough, despite the Skull Knight's impact on the series, he was conspicuously absent from the original anime series of Berserk that was released in 1997, instead of focusing on the Golden Age Arc that laid out the origins of Guts, Griffith, Casca, and the rest of the Band of the Hawk. When the series got a reboot thanks in part to the three new feature-length films released years following the conclusion of the first anime, Skull Knight was given a significant role in saving both Guts and Casca from the Eclipse and proving that there was far more than the battered pair of lovers didn't know about their world!

Reddit User Yogurt Covered Slug shared this impressive tattoo that recreates Skull Knight's trusty sword that he has been using to cut through the Apostles of Berserk as well down a number of Behelits in his encounters with the various demons of the God Hand:

I got a tattoo of skull night’s sword from r/Berserk

Following the second season of the controversial anime adaptation of Berserk that ended in 2017, we have yet to see if the adventures of Guts and the Band of the Hawk will be making a comeback to television at some point in the future. While the manga has hinted that the story of the Black Swordsman is currently in its "end game", it will definitely be interesting to see how Skull Knight comes into play as the final battle between Guts and Griffith approaches.

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