Berserk Fan Transforms Build-A-Bear Into Nosferatu Zodd

Berserk is easily one of the darkest stories released in the world of anime, with Kentaro Miura responsible for the creation of the Band of the Hawk. With the passing of Miura in 2021, many fans are wondering if the series will continue via his assistants and one fan has created one of the wildest fusions as the villain known as Nosferatu Zodd is brought to life using a teddy bear from Build-A-Bear.   

Nosferatu Zodd held an important role in Berserk, with the demon created by the Godhand being the first monster that both Guts and Griffith encountered during their numerous mercenary missions as members of the Band of the Hawk. Originally being far too strong for either of the two combatants to handle, Zodd let them leave with their lives as Nosferatu noticed that the head of the Band of the Hawk held the Egg of the King, which was bad news for Guts and his friends. When the final chapter of Berserk by Kentaro Miura landed last year, Zodd was still by the side of Griffith, who was using his new demonic powers to create a new Band of the Hawk and attempt to unite the worlds of man and demon.

Reddit User Grim Raver shared images of this custom made Berserk bear that unites one of Build-A-Bear's Teddy with that of Nosferatu Zodd, creating an adorable toy that harkens back to some of the most terrifying moments of Kentaro Miura's series and one of the strongest apostles created by the Godhand:

Girlfriend customized a Beast Build a Bear and made me a Nosferatu Zodd!! from Berserk

The publishers of Berserk, Young Animal, have let fans know that they are still mulling over whether the dark series will continue. While Kentaro Miura's manga might not continue, the last chapter that arrived last year acts as a worthy stopping point for the story of the Band of the Hawk regardless. On the anime front, there hasn't been news of Berserk returning to the small screen, though there are plenty of fans of Guts that would love the series to make an animated comeback.


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