Berserk: How The Final Chapter Ends

Following the devastating news that the creator of Berserk, Kentaro Miura, passed earlier this year, fans have been waiting to hear about the future of the franchise while also waiting to read the final chapter by the prolific mangaka. The day has finally arrived wherein Chapter 364 of Berserk has landed and we wanted to take the opportunity to give fans of Guts, Griffith, Casca, and the Band of the Hawk a breakdown of how the final installment of the manga by Miura comes to a close, which might also be the final time we see these characters.

Warning. If you don't want the finale of Berserk by Kentaro Miura spoiler, you might want to avoid this article as we'll be diving into serious spoiler territory.

In the final pages of the previous chapter of Berserk, Guts was stunned by the return of the Moonlight Boy who may or may not have been the son of both the Black Swordsman and Casca. Introducing the rest of his rowdy crew to the supernatural child, the chapter mostly follows the Moonlight Boy enjoying Elfheim along with Guts' friends, with Casca even finding some much-needed peace as she falls asleep next to the young boy who might very well be her son.

This chapter goes a long way in showing that Guts and Casca have managed to find a semblance of peace, something that they have been striving for for years, even before the Eclipse happened and their lives were thrown into supernatural turmoil. The big twist of this chapter is at the end, wherein the Moonlight Boy is revealed to be Griffith, the antagonist of the series, who is seen crying in the final page by Kentaro Miura. While we might never learn whether or not the boy is in fact actually Griffith or simply a part of him, he delivers some heartwrenching final words to both Guts and Casca:

"I had a dream. Under the full moon, I was a child embraced by nostalgic warmth. But when I wake from the dream, only a vague sense of longing remains. That too will soon disappear, with a single tear like morning dew."


While Young Animal, the publishers of the manga have been tight-lipped regarding whether Miura's assistants will continue the story, this chapter shows just how versatile and amazing Kentaro Miura was as an artist and puts his talents on display. 

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