Berserk Hilariously Brings Guts' Dragon Slayer To Life

Perhaps there is more notable weapon in the medium of anime than Guts' Dragon Slayer from the dark fantasy tale of Berserk, a sword so large that it dwarves the warrior who is swinging it, and in a hilarious video, the giant "slab of iron" is used in a Live Action Role Playing Game. The story of Berserk has continued through the decades, with creator Kentaro Miura attempting to tell the dark tale that follows the Band of the Hawk as the soldier Guts attempts to get revenge against his former friend in the warrior turned demon in Griffith.

The Demon Slayer was acquired by Guts following the horrific events that took place within the demonic "Eclipse", a ritual that saw scores of "apostles" descending upon the Band of the Hawk and eradicating all the soldiers within it as a sacrifice to give demonic power to their leader, Griffith. With most of the mercenary band being eradicated quite horrifically, Griffith was given his power and became a member of the evil gods known as the Godhand. Guts, and his lady love Casca, were able to escape but not without some serious physical and emotional scars, with the Berserk protagonist gaining the larger than life sword of the Dragon Slayer, using it to cut through his fair share of demons.

Reddit User Hallow7 shared this hilarious video that sees two young LARPers engaging in combat, with one having the foresight to bring Guts' trademark weapon to the battle, bringing the Dragon Slayer down upon his opponent, clearly winning the fight thanks in part to the franchise of Berserk:

CLANG from r/Berserk

Berserk has gotten a lot of fans' attention recently thanks in part to the manga alluding that the "end game" of the series might be at hand, with Guts being told as much by the enigmatic warrior that helped the Band of the Hawk during the Eclipse in Skull Knight. Though we have yet to learn about if we're anywhere near the actual end of the franchise that has been telling its tale over the decades, it's a relief for some fans to know that the conclusion of the series might not be as far off as they might think.

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