Berserk Is Clocking In with a Special Watch Collection

The world of Berserk is easily one of the darkest stories in the history of anime, with the manga created by Kentaro Miura exploring a universe where evil wins regularly and humanity is nothing but food for demons. With the black swordsman Guts traveling the world for revenge, fans will have the opportunity to own a watch dedicated to both Guts and the object of his vengeance, Griffith. Though Miura tragically passed away last year, the anime community is still in love with the beloved series.

The design of Guts and Griffith from Berserk works well at accentuating one another while also diverging the expectations of anime fans, as the former looks like a character of light and the latter looks like a brawler steeped in shadow. While this might be the case, Griffith is most assuredly the villain of the story, having sacrificed the only friends and family he ever knew in a bid to rule his own kingdom in one of the most grotesque sequences in anime history via "The Eclipse". With Guts seeking revenge against Griffith and setting out on a journey to get revenge, as well as potentially reclaiming his own humanity, Berserk was able to strike a chord by balancing brutal battles with touching human emotions.

The Japanese Watch producers at Super Groupies have shown off the two new watches which swipe the aesthetic of Griffith and Guts respectively, with each watch set to sell for around $228 USD as pre-orders are available now until April 3rd and will begin shipping to fans of Berserk later this year:

(Photo: SuperGroupies)

Currently, the publishers of Berserk's manga have continued to be tight-lipped when it comes to the future of the franchise following the passing of creator Kentaro Miura, with Young Animal not hinting one way or the other if Miura's assistants might continue the story of Guts or if the final chapter released by the mangaka is set to be its last. Regardless, we definitely wouldn't be surprised if the dark franchise were to one day return to the medium of anime considering how beloved the series remains among the anime community. 

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