Where Will Black Clover's Finale Leave Off?

Black Clover shocked fans when it announced that the anime will be coming to an end, but where [...]

Black Clover shocked fans when it announced that the anime will be coming to an end, but where exactly will the anime leave off? The anime started this year by finally adapting the Spade Kingdom arc. This is one of the most well received in the manga to date, but it's also the most recent arc of Yuki Tabata's original series. In fact, the manga's newest chapter is laying out the runway for the second major phase of battles against the Spade Kingdom. But surprisingly, there's a place that makes for a good ending shoudl the anime choose to go that route.

The major factor here being, however, that there's a difference between what the anime adaptation should do from what they will do. It really all depends on whether or not the anime chooses to continue with a second season following its final episode in March. Because the anime could end leaving a major hook for the future but still fall in line with the manga canon.

Working with the assumption that Black Clover's anime will continue to adapt the manga as is (there's no reason to believe otherwise from the episodes thus far), and at the current pace of about four chapters as set by the previous releases thus far, the series seems like it's aiming for one particularly natural cliffhanger to end the anime with. One that if the anime continues with a second season or feature film, that could easily be picked up from with no problem.

Chapter 273 of the series leaves the series on a cliffhanger that shows the Clover Captains (and one key character making their anime debut soon) heading into the Spade Kingdom for the next phase of the war. Episode 162 of the series leaves off at the end of Chapter 243. With eight episodes left in the anime, this makes for a perfect fit of about 3-4 chapters of adaptation per episode.

Black Clover Spade Kingdom Anime Key Visual
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Another point of evidence towards the anime directly adapting these next thirty chapters is the opening theme sequence. The opening hinted at Yuno's parents and the Dark Triad fights before introducing them in the anime, and there are still four major teases in the opening (two of them involving Asta's origins) that take place within this 30 chapter span of time as well. To explain completely where the anime will likely end will involve spoilers, unfortunately, so read further at your risk.

If the timing continues to line up, Black Clover's final episode will likely end just as Asta completes his training with Nacht. This training period also serves as a great end to the overall arc of the anime as it explores the core tenets of Asta's relationship with the devil in his grimmoire. With the manga release only now getting into the next round of fights, there's a perfect cutoff scene featuring Nacht and a special squad readying to head into the Spade Kingdom for the final match against the Dark Triad.

The end of Chapter 273 shows a great deal of promise for the future (especially with one major Asta tease that comes just before) while also serving as a natural breather for the remaining part of the story. But once again, that's only if the anime chooses to continue with a second season or feature film. Should the anime really come to an end with this scene, there's no real way for it to be satisfying as a complete conclusion. But that's the big question now, isn't it?

But what do you think? Where will Black Clover's anime leave off with the final episode? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!