Black Clover Explains How Asta's New Power Works

Black Clover is now gearing up to toss Asta back into the center of the action with the newest chapters of the series, and now it's been explained how Asta's newly mastered Zetten power works! After losing to Lucius Zogratis at the start of the final arc of Yuki Tabata's original manga series, Asta found himself suddenly transported himself to the Land of the Sun and trying to master a new kind of technique that could hopefully balance the scales back in favor. He's been struggling for the past few chapters to figure it out, but now he's found the answer. 

After managing to save Ichika at the end of the previous chapter, Asta revealed that he was able to figure out how to use his Zetten. Much like the anti-magic abilities he had already been using in his fights to this point already, it turns out that the secret to his technique is to use Zetten like a counter. Making sure to wait for just the right moment to attack, it's a skill that works in tandem with his fighting style. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

How Does Asta's Zetten Work? 

As we have seen through the Ryuzen Seven's fights in Black Clover's recent string of chapters, Zetten works differently based on an fighter's magical power. So it was different for Asta's case too. Mushogatake of the Ryuzen Seven confirms that Asta was able to figure out the key to his technique, and seeing it in action, he explains that Asta actually just cut through the enemy's magic rather than the enemy themselves. No matter how strong an enemy's spell might be, Asta can cut through it with his anti-magic. 

As it's boiled down, it's the ultimate counterstrike as if he waits until the enemy casts their spell, he can quickly move to cut them down and make sure he wins. It could be the technique that helps Asta eventually take on Lucius and the rest of the Paladins, and now it's just a matter of seeing whether or not he can continue using this power against enemies that are going to be much stronger and trickier from this point on. 

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