What Is the Perfect Ending for Black Clover?

Predicting the best ending for Black Clover's manga.

Black Clover shocked fans with the announcement that the manga would be ending its run in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, and would be moving to the new quarterly release schedule seen in Jump GIGA. With the manga now in the final throes of its final arc, the fate for the Clover Kingdom is now in the balance with the last few fights needing to be settled before Lucius Zogratis can be defeated once and for all. As these final fights take shape over the course of the final chapters of the series releasing much later this year, now it's time to think about how this all will actually come to an end. 

The final chapter of Black Clover's manga in Shonen Jump set up the final fights that fans can look forward to seeing between the Magic Knights and the Paladins, and there are several ways this could all end for Asta and the others. But what would actually be the best ending? What ending would help put the perfect final stamp on Asta's journey to becoming the Wizard King? The answer might be him not getting to be the Wizard King at all as he heads down a more shadowy protector role after this final battle. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

Black Clover: Who Will Be the Ultimate Wizard King? 

The final arc of Yuki Tabata's Black Clover manga is titled the "Ultimate Wizard King," and with Lucius taking over Julius Novachrono's body, the big question for the final arc is who exactly will be crowned as a new Wizard King when it's all said and done. It's the final declaration that Asta and Yuno have with one another as they prepare to fight Lucius together, and it's a reiteration of the goal they've set out for from the beginning. Now one potentially great ending would be for Asta to get the recognition he's been fighting for all this time and become the next Wizard King. But that's not what it's looking like as far as the final arc has been progressing. 

Yuno has been getting steady development as not only a member of royalty, but as an important figure for the Clover Kingdom. His magic is being seen as the only way for the Magic Knights to fight, and as the new captain of the Golden Dawn, he's now closest to the throne and will likely become the Wizard King when the series comes to an end. It's a shame because there's a hint that the "Ultimate" in the final arc title applies to Asta. When Asta uses his anti-magic to give the Black Bulls the power to fight, they're labeled as the "Ultimate" Black Bulls as a result. 

But there's a way for the both of them to get what they want, it just might not be what fans want. Yuno could be crowned at the end of the series, but their rivalry seems like one that will continue beyond the series itself. A perfect ending for the series is one that doesn't mark an end at all as Yuno might be crowned now, but Asta will constantly challenge to become the Wizard King instead as an "ultimate" one later. He could lead the new Black Bulls squad heading into the future, maybe settle down with Noelle or Mimosa, and declare he'll be the Wizard King someday anyway. 

Yuno himself might recognize that Asta is his better (which has been happening steadily over the course of the series), and there will be those who recognize Asta as the one who saved them, but the general public would more readily accept Yuno. It's a shame, but it's not like Asta's going to give up either. It's going to be the end, but not the "end" for Black Clover. 

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