Black Clover Raises Major Question About its Divine New Power Level

Black Clover has introduced a divine new power level to its magic system, and with it also raised [...]

Black Clover has introduced a divine new power level to its magic system, and with it also raised some major questions about it! Yuki Tabata's original manga series is currently making its way through the big rematches against the Dark Triad in the Spade Kingdom, and now that the first of the Zogratis siblings has been defeated, the attention has been shifted toward the second of these major battles as Noelle Silva has kicked off her fateful rematch against Vanica Zogratis. With the newest chapter officially starting this fight, it's revealed that Noelle has reached a brand new magic stage only accessible to a few.

The newest chapter of the series officially introduced a new higher tier to its Magic Stages power level system, Saint Stage, and unlike the rare Arcane Stage or the achievable Stage Zero seen from other fighters, this new power level is only available to those who host one of the elemental spirits. But then now the main question (which Noelle herself asks) is why this stage had never been brought up by Undine or the other spirits like Sylph.

Black Clover Saint Stage Power Level Questions Spoilers Spirit Hosts
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Chapter 295 of the series revealed that before Noelle went on to learn Ultimate Magic from the Elves in the Heart Kingdom, she actually joined forces with the Water Spirit Undine. Undine had been forcibly cut off from Lolopechka, and tells Noelle that now that she's a host, she can access this new Saint Stage level. But the big issue with this new level is one Noelle points out right away. Because if this Saint Stage is strong enough to "purge evils" and stand alongside the devil powers, why would Undine and Lolopechka train Asta and the others rather than the other spirit hosts Captain Fuegoleon or Yuno.

More than that, Lolopechka could have trained in this way as well but this is all revealed to be Undine's doing. She never mentioned it because she didn't want Lolopechka's gentle self to be pulled into a fight that way, and apparently that also meant she couldn't communicate it to the other spirit hosts as well. So while this new stage already seems to be working out for Noelle, it's knowledge that would have come in handy long before this.

It's a fun twist on introducing a new power level like this because rather than act as a Deus Ex Machina to victory due to its unforeseen power, the fact that it was kept hidden for so long actually ended up making things worse. It's a stage with consequence, and that's not something that's easily done when trying to actually figure out how power levels work in this world.

But what did you think of Saint Stage's introduction to Black Clover with the newest chapter? What do you think it means for the power system of the series overall? Is it too limited to actually matter outside of Noelle? Let us know your thoughts in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!