Black Clover Reveals Sylph's New Form

The Black Clover manga is now working its way through the climactic final war for the fate of the Clover Kingdom in the final arc of the series overall, and the newest chapter of Black Clover has revealed Sylph the Wind Spirit has gotten a powerful new form to reflect how much stronger Yuno has become since we have seen him last! The Judgment Day war for the fate of the Clover Kingdom is now in high gear as Lucius Zogratis has officially made his move and begun revealing the kinds of overwhelming power he and his Paladins have at their disposal. 

Black Clover's latest string of chapters capped off Asta's final training arc, and Lucius Zogratis is now attacking the Clover Kingdom with the full force of his power. But while the Magic Knights are struggling against Lucius' angels, Yuno has been able to step in as someone with enough power to stand up against Lucius' growing strength. As he's become stronger with his use of Wind and Star Magic, Sylph has grown and changed as a result. 

Black Clover: Why Did Sylph's Form Change? 

Chapter 356 of the Black Clover manga picks up right after Yuno declares to Lucius that he will be the one to take down the prominent villain. But it's revealed that while Yuno is confident in his own strength, the Clover Kingdom itself can't stack up against the many angels Lucius had summoned. It's here that Yuno unleashes a new technique of his own that combines his powered up Wind and Star Magic to cover the entire kingdom in a special kind of Mana Zone that gives them the power to fight back. 

Sylph's spiritual abilities are boosting the knights of the kingdom so that they can stack up against even the weakest members of Lucius' army, and as a result it's given Sylph a new evolved form that's much different than the version we've seen before. With more wings, and Star Magic sparkles around her, it's clear that Sylph has been powering up just as much as Yuno has been through his training so far. 

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