Black Clover Cliffhanger Sets Up Yuno's Most Intense Battle Yet

The Black Clover manga has now kicked off the final Judgement Day war for the fate of the Clover Kingdom with its latest chapters, and Black Clover's newest cliffhanger is setting up Yuno for his most intense battle in the manga to date as the final arc of Black Clover continues! Black Clover kicked off the final arc with Asta's surprising loss to Lucius Zogratis, and ever since the Clover Kingdom has been in a down spiral preparing for Lucius' next attack on the kingdom. With Asta thought dead, Yuno himself was inspired to make himself as strong as he has ever been. 

Yuno took Asta's loss especially hard and the last time we had seen him in Black Clover's final arc, it was made immediately clear that he was preparing for Lucius' attack by training more with his newly acquired Star Magic. With the newest chapter of the Black Clover manga now seeing Lucius attack with his Paladin forces, Yuno has now moved into action as now he's poised to fight against Lucius angered over everything that has happened so far. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

Black Clover: Who Is Yuno Fighting Next? 

Black Clover Chapter 355 continues Lucius Zogratis' initial assault on the Clover Kingdom, and he immediately takes out a couple of the Magic Knight Captains. This also included William Vangeance, who was unable to stand up to Lucius' overwhelming strength. Confident in his power, Lucius then tries to wipe out the entire kingdom with a single attack meant to send beams of light to completely destroy everything in their path. But suddenly, Yuno utilizes his Star Magic to cover the entire Clover Kingdom in a shield and blocks it entirely. 

Vangeance sees this and dubs Yuno the new Captain of the Golden Dawn squad, but all Yuno can think about is remembering how he saw Asta "killed" and Sister Lily taken captive. He's vowed to get his revenge against Lucius since then, but affirms that revenge is not the reason he'll defeat the villain. As Black Clover Chapter 355 comes to an end, Yuno declares that he's going to defeat Lucius to become the next Wizard King and now this important fight is about to begin.

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