This Bleach Cosplay of Rukia's Bankai Will Give You Chills

Bleach did a great many things while it was on air, and one of them was to inspire a slew of fans to cosplay as their favorite Soul Reaper. It has been eight years since the show wrapped up, but fans continue to show out as Ichigo and a bunch of others. And with the news of Bleach's big comeback official, one fan has decided to celebrate their favorite heroine with a little cosplay.

Over on Instagram, the user tddcosplay got fans hyped when they shared a peek at Rukia. However, the Bleach look they did took the Soul Reaper as we know her and gave her Bankai a chance to shine.

As you can see below, the cosplay is pristinely white just like it is in the anime. When Rukia unlocks the power of her Bankai in battle, it becomes crazy powerful in the same way Toshiro's technique does. It gives her full control over snow, and it lowers the temperatures to a point where only Rukia can fight freely.

This version of Rukia is spot on from the hair to its blade. The fan even did a makeup look emphasizing pale colors, so even Elsa would be a fan of this look. From its white hair to its flowy outfit, there is little to critique in this shoot. Creator Tite Kubo wouldn't be able to withhold approval from this cosplay, and tddcosplay would be happy to hear that.


Now, fans are curious about how and when Rukia will show off her in Bankai in the upcoming Bleach anime. The series is confirmed to return in 2021 with a new season adapting the final arc of Kubo's manga. Rukia plays an integral role in the 'Thousand-Year Blood War' arc, so Bleach fans can expect her to show off her true power once Ichigo meets his greatest foe yet.

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