Bleach Creator Tite Kubo Comments on Anime's Revival

It has been a long time coming, but Bleach was not going to leave fans alone forever. Tite Kubo saw his anime end years ago before his manga followed a good while later. For the last eight years, fans have been begging for the anime to return and finish what the manga laid out, and it has been confirmed Bleach will do exactly that in 2021. And not too long ago, Kubo shared his own feelings on the return.

After the announcement about Bleach was made, Kubo took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the subject. It was there the artist said he never thought the final arc of Bleach would get adapted for the screen.

"It has been so much time probably almost everyone forgot about it, and actually I also forgot. I thought the Thousand-Year Blood War Arc wouldn't be animated, so I didn't expect the animation project in this 20th Anniversary," Kubo shared (via WSJ_Manga).

"There's also the continuation of Burn The Witch that I didn't plan to serialize, and only showed it to my family and close ones because of pure curiosity. As a result, my editor saw it and told me to make it a series and animate it. It's the first time I'll be drawing manga and anime designs at the same time. I think it will be interesting and overall a good work."


Clearly, Kubo was not too confident in Bleach ever being revived, but fans made the project happen. For years now, the fandom has rallied behind Bleach despite its anime having ended eight years ago. Now, their dream of a comeback is closing in, and you know a few tears will be shed when Ichigo shows his face once again. After all, the Thousand-Year Blood War arc is often ranked as one of the series' best, and Ichigo stans will learn some stunning secrets about the Soul Reaper before the story wraps.

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