Bleach Announces Date For Big 20th Anniversary Reveal

Bleach fans have waited for quite awhile to see the return of the world of the Soul Society, and it seems as though they might not have to wait much longer as the franchise starring Ichigo Kurosaki has announced that later this month, they will be revealing some big news for the series! With the cancellation of Anime Japan 2020, the popular anime franchise found itself without a big platform to announce their upcoming 20th Anniversary Project news, but that isn't stopping the anime from releasing the announcement in their own way!

The Bleach 20th Anniversary Project & Kubo Taito New Presentation will premiere on March 21st, which was going to be the same date and time that the news was going to be revealed at the Anime Japan 2020 on stage! There has been some speculation by fans just what this announcement would be, whether it will be a direct sequel to the Bleach anime or if it will be a spin-off OVA that explores brand new characters that are found in the world of the Soul Society.

Many believe that the announcement will be for the confirmation of an anime series for the spin-off series of Bleach: Burn The Witch, a new story from series creator Tite Kubo that explores characters with magical abilities working directly for Soul Society.

An Official Twitter Account for Shonen Jump shared the news that the big reveal for the Bleach anime will arrive on March 21st of this year, even with the cancellation of Anime Japan 2020, promising long waiting fans an announcement that may reveal a return to the world of Ichigo and his hollow hunting friends:

Though Bleach's anime and manga ended years ago for a variety of reasons, fans have been waiting to see the franchise return in any form or fashion since its conclusion!


What do you think the big announcement will be for the Bleach franchise later this month? Would you like to see the anime return proper? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and Soul Society!