'Bleach' Live-Action Trilogy Is A Real Possibility

When it comes to anime, the words live-action adaptation are enough to make any fan nervous. Just like the old days of comic book movies, studios have yet to find the perfect formula for making adaptations work, but steps are being made every year.

And, if a new interview is correct, then Japan seems to think Bleach's live-action movie may be a breakthrough for the genre.

Recently, Cinema Today put up a report on Bleach, and it was there fans learned a bit of stunning information. According to translations, the film's executive producer is ready to pursue an entire live-action trilogy is Bleach does well.

During an interview with the publication, Hiroyoshi Koi said he's already considering a sequel for Bleach. In fact, the producer hopes to turn the franchise into a full-on trilogy similar to the live-action Rurouni Kenshin films.

Koi, who worked on Rurouni Kenshin's trilogy, told press he was looking for another title that could do what the samurai story did. After a period of deliberation, Koi signed on to Bleach, and it seems Warner Bros. Japan has high hopes in its debut film.

So far, reactions to Bleach have been kept quiet, but one critic managed to share their take on an early cut of the movie. The Japanese reporter said Bleach has the potential to be the best live-action anime adaptation put out in the last decade, and that kind of praise has audiences surprisingly eager to see the film.

Should Bleach get its sequel approved, then Koi admits he knows where it should go. In his talk with Cinema Today, the executive producer said the second movie would focus on the anime's massive 'Soul Society' arc. So, if you want to see the entire Gotei 13 brought to life, you will want to show love to Bleach this summer.

The live-action Bleach adaptation releases July 20 in Japan and has released its first full trailer. The film will adapt the first arc of the series, the "Substitute Shinigami" arc. The current cast includes Sota Fukushi as Ichigo Kurosaki and Hana Sugisaki as Rukia Kuchiki is MIYAVI, who will play Byakuya Kuchiki Ryou Yoshizawa, as Uryuu Ishida, and Taichi Saotome as Renji Abarai.

For those unfamiliar with Tite Kubo's Bleach, the series follows the young delinquent Ichigo Kurosaki, who had the ability to see spirits. He soon obtains the power of a Soul Reaper - one meant to usher lost souls to the afterlife - and now has the duty to defend the living world from monstrous dark spirits known as Hollows.

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