'Bleach' Live-Action Film Shares Costume Close-Ups

With the new year approaching, anime fans are getting ready for a new slate of live-action films. In a handful of months, Ichigo Kurosaki will be brought to the big screen in Bleach’s first theatrical go, and an up-close look at its costumes have just been released.

Recently, Japan was inundated with geeks as Tokyo Comic Con got underway. The massive event pulled in talent from Marvel, DC, and more - but anime fans only had eyes for Bleach. The live-action film attended the event to display Ichigo’s Soul Reaper robes, and they look pretty from this angle.

Natalie was lucky enough to snap some photos of the Soul Reaper uniform, and fans are dissecting the shots online. The picture, which can be seen here, shows a mannequin wearing the get-up. Ichigo’s Shihakusho looks very similar to the one Tite Kubo originally made even though its front is undone in this display. Fans can see its white shitagi is exposed as its overlying black kosode is untied.

The photo’s lighting makes the uniform appear more navy-black than onyx, but photos for Bleach has shown the Shihakusho to be rather dark. Earlier this year, the film released its first teaser trailer featuring Ichigo in his uniform, and the fighter was armed with his Zanpakuto to boot. Sadly, the sword was not put on display at Tokyo Comic Con, but fans have hope they will learn more about the film this month at Shueisha’s Jump Festa.


If you are not familiar with Bleach, then you should know the series is a massively popular one with fans. The franchise began in 2001 under Kubo before an anime adaptation started in 2004. The supernatural series follows the life of a boy named Ichigo Kurosaki after he becomes a substitute Soul Reaper. The immensely gifted boy works with his partner Rukia to dispath evil souls and send others to their resting place. However, when Ichigo learns of the Soul Society and its strict customs, the hero discovers his world is in far more danger than he could have imagined.

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