Bleach Introduces the Soul Society's Big New Reapers

Bleach introduced the Soul Society's big new Soul Reapers with its special new one-shot chapter! [...]

Bleach introduced the Soul Society's big new Soul Reapers with its special new one-shot chapter! As part of the franchise's special 20th Anniversary celebration, which will also include the anime returning for the Thousand-Year Blood War arc, original series creator Tite Kubo returned for a special super length one-shot chapter set after the events of the original manga series. With this new chapter we not only got some very huge teases for the future of the franchise as Kubo drops some reveals for new foes and worlds, but we also got an update on how the Soul Society has changed as a whole.

With the Bleach one-shot updating fans on Ichigo Kurosaki's life outside of the Soul Society, he (and fans) are soon introduced to some of the new Assistant Captains that have joined the ranks of the Gotei 13 since Ichigo had fought alongside of them. Like the others we have met thus far, these two are quite powerful in their own right and already tease the kinds of unique personalities we might get to see more of in future chapters for the series.

Bleach One-Shot Manga New Assistant Captains Soul Reapers Spoilers
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The one-shot sees Ichigo gathering together with the Assistant Captains in order to help them capture a live Hollow for the Konso Reisai, a ceremony needed to give Soul Reaper Captains their proper funeral rites. It's here Ichigo is introduced to the two newbies. First is Atau Rindo, Assistant Captain of the 7th Division under Tetsuzaemon Iba. He's hearing impaired, so communicates mostly through sign language but can read lips. His Zanpakuto is named Hawk, and he calls it out by writing its "Give Birth" command into the blade.

Second new addition is Yuyu Yayahara, the Assistant Captain of the 8th Division under Lisa Yadomaru. She's obsessed with the "Gyaru" culture of the human world, which means she acts and dresses in a flashy fashion (even taking a selfie with Ichigo upon their first meeting). It's not clear what her Zanpakuto is, but it appears to be a set of acryllic nails that she channels a bear's fierce strength through.

These new additions are already fitting in well with the wild extended cast of Bleach, and with the series continuing with a new arc, we'll likely be seeing much more of them very soon. But what do you think of Bleach's new Soul Reaper Lieutenants? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!