Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War Introduces Ichigo's Shocking New Power

Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War has reached the climax of the first major conflict between the Soul Reapers and the Quincies, and the newest episode of the series has unlocked one of Ichigo Kurosaki's surprising secret powers! The first few episodes of the new anime taking on the final arc of Tite Kubo's manga have been filled with all kinds of bloodshed as the Soul Reapers figured out just how outmatched they arc compared to the powerful Sternritter group. But there was still a hope that Ichigo could change things around if he got to the battlefield in time, and that was put to the test in the newest episode.

After spending the last few episodes stuck within Quilge Opie's trap in between Hueco Mundo and the Soul Society, Ichigo was finally able to break out and return to the Soul Society. Kicking off a huge fight against the Sternritter Yhwach soon after, Ichigo is so overpowered that he ends up unlocking a surprising new ability as a result. When he's nearly defeated and stabbed in the neck by Yhwach, it's revealed that he's also able to use the Blut Vene technique the Quincies have been using. 

What is Ichigo's New Blut Vene Power? 

Episode 7 of Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War sees Ichigo struggling against Yhwach as the Sternritter leader is currently much tougher for Ichigo to deal with at the moment. Ichigo's been bloodied and exhausted after spending so much effort breaking out of Opie's trap, but soon it's revealed that this ended up saving him at a dire moment. When Yhwach discovers that Ichigo's able to instinctively activate the Quincies' Blut Vene technique within his body, he offers a theory. 

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He explains that as Ichigo escaped from Opie's prison trap, his used Spiritual Pressure began to blend with Opie's spiritual pressure and that got into Ichigo's body and activated a slumbering power within. It seems to tease that Ichigo is actually a Quincy as well, and now this sparked a massive mystery about where the anime will go from here as a result of this new power. 

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