'Boruto' Just Leveled up a Famous 'Naruto' Technique

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations just hit a landmark episode that still has fans reeling from its epicness! The final battle between Boruto, Naruto, Sasuke and the evil Momoshiki Otsutski not only delivered one of the series' best fight sequences - it also threw in some game-changing twists on famous Naruto jutsu techniques!

As you can see above, Naruto and Sasuke's tag-team fight against Momoshiki was jam-packed with Easter eggs from the larger Naruto saga, from the martial arts styles used, to the list of individual and coordinated moves the unleashed.

The true epic joy of it for longtime fans is seeing how techniques they saw both Naruto and Sasuke struggle and strive to learn in the Naruto and Shippuden eras, are now so much more powerful, when both men are adults. This is a perfect of example, as Sasuke's Shadow Shuriken was impressive on its own - but looks that much more stunning when combined with a Rasenshuriken attack from Naruto.

It may have taken Boruto awhile to build up to its full potential, but now Naruto fans are finally seeing what that potential truly is. Not only did we get to see Boruto go through a major power-up and maturation, but we also got to see Naruto and Sasuke in a coordinated battle at the height of their powers, which is a lure that longtime fans of the series just can't pass up. If that dual shuriken attack wasn't enough, the top two shinobi of Hidden Leaf follow it up with a chakra fusion attack that's even more stunning and gorgeous!

The original Boruto movie had this same sequence years ago, and the manga has already passed this point - but neither format got the visual splendor and top-notch direction that the anime has. Now the stage is set for Boruto to begin his true training to become the shinobi prodigy that we met in the series opening - while Naruto and Sasuke will soon have to face a new threat, which has already begun infiltrating the Hidden Leaf.


You can catch the new episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations streaming weekly on Crunchyroll and Hulu.