'Naruto' Teases the Mystery of Boruto's New Hand Mark

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations just hit a major milestone episode to conclude its "vs. Momoshiki" arc, and episode 66, "My Story!" begins to pick up the pieces of Boruto's world, in the aftermath of the drastic events of the Chunin Exams and the Otsutsuki attack. However, in addition to many lingering plot threads and character conflicts, Boruto epsiode 66 also paves way for the series' next big developments - including the subtle but important official reveal of one Boruto's mysterious new power-ups after defeating Momoshiki.

That power comes in the form of a hand seal that appears as a black square (or diamond) in the palm of Boruto's hand. The seal was left there after the bizarre meeting between Boruto and Momoshiki Otsutsuki on the spiritual plane, in the instant the villain's body was destroyed by Boruto and Naruto's combined Rasengan attack. Momoshiki took hold of Boruto's hand, delivering the following proclomation before leaving the seal imprinted on the young Genin:

"Now I understand... You have strongly inherited the power of the Otsutsuki. However, you are still inexperienced. You cannot see through you own destiny... I can see your destiny very clearly. Beware. Those blue eyes shall eventually... take everything from you! And know this... Those who defeat gods cannot remain ordinary individuals. Reflect well upon they fate... as you proceed in life... human child."

The seal left on Boruto's hand will clearly hold importance as the series move fowards - and fans of the Boruto manga already know just how significant it will be!

Warning - SPOILERS follow!

Boruto's seal is referred to as "Kama" in the manga, and its power allows him to absorb jutsu - at first unwillingly and at great expense to his own body, but over the years he learns to master it, and the seal spreads across his body, becoming the intricate design we see in the series' opening flash-forward sequence of an adult Boruto as a hardened Shinobi.

The seal is revealed to be obtained by a warrior slaying a member of the Otsutsuki Clan, making Boruto one of two shinobi to possess it. The other Kama user is Kawaki, the mysterious shinobi that Boruto is seen fighting in the series opening scene. It's not revealed how Kawaki came to possess his Kama mark, but his powers mirror Boruto's own unique abilities, making him both a serious rival, and the pawn of a shady new organization named "Kara," which has already begun infiltrating Hidden Leaf's Scientific Ninja Team.


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