Boruto Reveals the Issue With Kawaki's Obsession Over Naruto

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations revealed the deeper issue with Kawaki's obsession over Naruto [...]

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations revealed the deeper issue with Kawaki's obsession over Naruto Uzumaki with the newest chapter of the series! Kawaki has been steadily becoming a member of the Uzumaki family ever since Naruto took him under his wing before the fight with Kara, and with Isshiki Otsutsuki's defeat, Naruto has officially cemented the adoption in place. But throughout all of this something has been bubbling under the surface as Kawaki has been forming not exactly a fondness over his new father figure, but an obsession that will eventually lead to something bad if it continues the way it is now.

The lingering threats of this started forming through this new transitional arc as Code steadily becomes the new major threat, and we have seen Kawaki struggle with his lack of strength and wanting to do as much as he can to protect his new father figure. But the newest chapter of the series reveals that this is an obsession that will ultimately damage Kawaki as it can easily go down a darker path due to how intense of an obsession it is.

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Chapter 61 of the series reveals that the Hidden Leaf Village has been continuously monitoring Kawaki while keeping an eye out from attacks from Code, and Amado has an intriguing conversation with Shikamaru. While Shikamaru's suspicious of Amado's every move, Amado explains that Kawaki has continued to surprise him because he didn't expect Kawaki to be so motivated to act based on his desire to protect the Hokage.

Not only that, but he didn't expect Kawaki to have such a devotion to the point where it's motivating every one of his actions. Amado guesses it might be because Kawaki's never known a parental love like Naruto's, but because of it Kawaki will pay whatever price necessary to help him. Shikamaru agress that it's even more intense than a simple father complex, with the two of them even guessing it hinges on a fanatical kind of madness.

Kawaki's been through quite a lot in his short time alive, and it seems like he's intensely attached himself to the one bit of kindness he's experienced in his life. In his mind he's going to do everything he can to protect this good, but he also has no real experience with limiting himself from self-harm, nor has a concept of when enough is enough. So he's willing to go that extra mile for Naruto, but now it's clear that this extra mile could be one too far.

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