Boruto Makes an Important Change to Naruto in Latest Episode

The Vessel Arc has easily been one of the biggest storylines in the sequel series that is Boruto: Naruto Next Generations and with Kawaki finding his way into the bowels of the Hidden Leaf Village, Naruto has undergone some big changes. With the higher-ups of Konoha attempting to figure out what to do with this Vessel of the Kara Organization, the Seventh Hokage takes a different path than what was even shown when these series of events took place in the manga, and it will have big implications for the Shonen franchise moving forward as the players continue to move across the chess board.

The whole thing went down in episode 193 this week. Boruto checked in on Boruto and Kawaki as the two continue to navigate their newly joined fates. As for Naruto, the Seventh Homage got permission for his peers to house Kawaki in the Hidden Leaf, and he broke the news to Kawaki in a strange way.

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(Photo: Shonen Jump Magazine)

If you have read the manga, you will know that Naruto was rather brusque in his meeting with Kawaki. The boy was told to behave under threat of punishment, and Naruto did not care to play around. In fact, he even leaned into his Kyuubi mode to intimidate Kawaki, and the threat worked in the end.

However, the anime did not revert to this bullish actions. Instead, Naruto was more understanding in his talk with Kawaki. While the boy was still as hard-headed as usual, Naruto was far more empathetic in his approach on screen. While he promised to keep Kawaki in line, Naruto kept his power to himself as he leveled with Kawaki, and the moment seems to be a hit with fans.


After all, Boruto has spent plenty of time on screen making Kawaki a more empathetic and likable character than the manga did. It has given the character room to become a fighter we can sympathize with, and his parallels with Naruto are hard to overlook. Their uncanny pasts will now inform the future of the Hidden Leaf, and Naruto hopes to help Kawaki without bringing any sort of hammer down.

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