'Boruto' Spoilers Confirm The Return Of Killer B

It looks like Boruto is about to get serious. The anime is celebrating its one-year anniversary this month, and Studio Pierrot is celebrating by unveiling the anime’s long-awaited ‘Chunin Exams’ arc. Now, a slew of new synopses have dropped for the anime’s upcoming episodes, and their spoiler-friendly blurbs confirm the return of a big Naruto hero.

Yes, that’s right. Killer B and his infectious rhymes are about to make their way back to TVs.

Recently, a series of new synopses for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations went live, and one had an important note about the Jinchuriki of the Eight Tails. You can read the full description of episode 55, “Scientific Ninja Tool”, below:

“Boruto’s training as Sasuke’s student begins. But all Boruto has on his mind is to get the better of Naruto, so as soon as his training hits a slight bump, he would immediately seek a solution from Sasuke. Also, to show his strength to his father, Boruto decides to take the Chunin Examination. During that time, the Jinchuriki Killer B is assaulted by a member of the Otsutsuki clan, Momoshiki, who has appeared from a different dimension.”

As you can see, it looks like Boruto has plans to expand the scene where Killer B and Momoshiki fight each other. Their first encounter back in Boruto: Naruto the Movie was glossed over very quickly and barely confirmed the Otsutsuki villain managed to eek a win of the Jinchuriki. Fans are hopeful episode 55 of Boruto will show more of the pair’s battle and put the Eight Tails back into battle since he hasn’t been seen since the Fourth Ninja War wrapped and sent its allied soldiers their separate ways.


If you're not familiar with Naruto, here is a brief rundown: The series follows its titular hero named Uzumaki Naruto as the ninja strives to become his village's most powerful fighter. After being orphaned at birth, the hero became his hometown's pariah as a powerful demon was sealed into him. Naruto is determined to prove he isn't a dead-last, so he decides he will become the Hokage of the Leaf Village to make others acknowledge him. However, the boy's dream is not an easy one to reach as political corruption, extremist organizations, and supernatural plots threaten the entire ninja world.

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