Boruto Confirms Kashin Koji's Suicide Mission

The latest chapter of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is perhaps one of the most surprising to [...]

The latest chapter of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is perhaps one of the most surprising to date, not only giving us more information about the energy known as Karma, but also revealing the true identity of Kashin Koji, who might not make it to the end of this story line with his life. As Amado, the former director of Kara's Research and Development branch, explains, Kashin's battle with Jigen has been going exactly as it was supposed to, even as the rogue ninja who has an eye brow raising connection to Jiraiya shows that he might not be long for this world.

Warning! If you have yet to read Chapter 47 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations' manga, you may want to avoid this article as we'll be diving into spoiler territory!

In the battle between Kashin and Jigen, it originally seemed as if Koji had the upper hand as the member of Kara told his leader that he was the perfect creation to defeat the current leader of the vassals of the Otsutsuki. Unleashing some magical flames that ate away at Jigen's body, Kashin seemed to have done the unthinkable and achieved a killing blow against Kara's front man. Unfortunately for Koji, things are not always as they seem and Jigen had an ace up his sleeve as the Karma within Jigen's body is unleashed and Isshiki's true form is revealed.

Boruto Kashin Koji Suicide Mission
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WIth Isshiki deciding to take over Jigen's body entirely, seemingly abandoning Kawaki as his next vessel, the leader of Kara is able to easily survive Kashin's attack and points toward the clone of Jiraiya's end. As Amado notes while still imprisoned by the higher ups of Konoha, the plan was never to have Kashin win, or even to survive the battle, but rather, to simply make it so that Jigen was to unleash Isshiki's true power and release Kawaki in the process.

As Isshiki reveals that Kashin Koji is in fact the clone of Naruto's deceased mentor in Jiraiya, it will be interesting to see if the rogue member of Kara suffers the same fate as his "father". Though things seem bad for Koji as it stands, we're sure he still has a few tricks up his sleeve that might save his life.

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