Naruto Cliffhanger Turns Boruto's Plot Upside Down

If you thought Naruto had some wild twists back in the day, hold on to your seats. It looks like the team behind Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is ready to take things to the next level. This week, Shueisha released the latest chapter of Boruto, and the manga left just about everyone stunned by the time it wrapped. After all, Boruto's cliffhanger turned the entire sequel on its head, and that means bad things are overhead for Boruto Uzumaki.

So you have been warned! There are spoilers below for Boruto chapter 79. Read on with caution!

If you have kept up with Boruto, you will know things in the sequel took a wild turn this week. When we last left off with the manga, Naruto and his wife were sent to a pocket dimension with no hope of escape all thanks to Kawaki. He did this in order to kill Boruto without any interference. Kawaki is determined to kill his adoptive brother because of his ties to Momoshiki, but his attack on Naruto made Kawaki into the Hidden Leaf Village's top enemy.

But luckily, the outcast has a powerful ally. Eida is obsessed with the boy, and she revealed her full power in a bid to keep Kawaki safe. She maxed her charm ability which allowed her to hypnotize the whole world with her chakra. Now, everyone is under the impression Kawaki has always been Naruto's son by birth, and Boruto is the visitor who killed him.

As you can imagine, this decision has turned Naruto on its head as a series. The franchise has lost its main hero along with Hinata, and Kawaki has turned the entire world against Boruto Uzumaki with Eida's help. Once upon a time, Naruto fans could excuse some of Kawaki's actions thanks to his traumatic past, but things have been taken too far. Kawaki has framed Boruto before the entire world, but the sin of what's happening in the series rests on his shoulders alone.

Of course, Boruto chapter 79 ends with Naruto's actual son in shock as his whole village has turned against him. The Hokage was a beloved man, and Naruto's so-called death will endear Boruto to no one. There is no telling how the boy will make it out of the Hidden Leaf Village alive thanks to the target on his back. And what's more, this twist means Boruto will have one hell of a time surviving outside his hometown unless someone lends him a hand. 

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