New 'Boruto' Promo Contains A Major Team 7 Callback

Boruto has put in some serious effort to differentiate itself from Naruto’s legacy, but the new series isn’t one to avoid clever throwbacks. When the anime returns this week with its latest episode, it will do so with a Team 7 callback, and fans are already feeling nostalgic.

Last week, Boruto aired its 35th episode to prepare its hero for his upcoming graduation exam. Boruto and his classmates will soon prove whether they have what it takes to become full-fledged ninjas, and Kakashi Hatake will be the man in-charge of their examinations. However, Boruto won’t get dressed down like his father did.

No, this time Boruto will be channeling his father’s eternal rival.

When Studio Pierrot released its episode preview for its next episode, fans were quick to spot a connection between Boruto’s run-in with Kakashi and the one Sasuke had. As you can see below, Kakashi corners Boruto during his graduation exam and pins him to the ground. Naruto’s son is kept still by the foot pressed to his neck, and the kid doesn’t look to happy about the face Kakashi is giving him.

Preview of Boruto episode 36 compared to Naruto episode 5, I cant wait til next week! from Naruto

Of course, Kakashi is familiar with serving such a look since he did teach Sasuke. When the Uchiha took his genin exam years ago, Sasuke was pinned in a very similar fashion by Kakashi. The trouble prodigy was pinned to the ground under Kakashi’s foot after a failed attempt to steal the older man’s bells, and it seems Boruto will be subjected to the same fate.


So, it’s good to know Kakashi does not play favorites when it comes to problematic geniuses. There is no telling how Boruto will use his skills to get a passing score from Kakashi, but the hero is a crafty one. Naruto may not have been book-smart at a kid, but he was a pro when it came to strategy. Boruto is going to have to prove to Kakashi he's got similar potential, and the former Hokage doesn't look like he will go easy on the kid.

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