'Boruto' Confirms Chakra Machine Guns Are an Actual Thing

A lot has changed in the Naruto universe since Masashi Kishimoto wrapped its manga. Fans know the Hidden Villages have formed an alliance, Naruto is the Hokage, and Sakura did shack up with Sasuke. Now, Boruto has shared another startling tidbit about the franchise's changes.

You know, considering one ninja just pulled out a machine gun during battle.

Yes, that is right. Firearms and artillery seem to be making their way into Naruto. Boruto's exploration of Scientific Ninja Tools has brought guns into the Hidden Leaf Village, but they are not the kind of weapons fans know.

During the latest chapter of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, fans learned more about the world's use of Ninja Tools. The Hidden Leaf is said to be the only party exploring scientific weaponry, but a genjutsu leak seems to have spread the city's knowledge around. After all, Konohamaru and his gang were just held up by a familiar face holding a very unfamiliar gun.

Boruto's update ended with Ao cornering Konohamaru and his squad inside a cave. The former Mist Village operative demanded the others tell him about the data they scavenged from a local wreck, but Konohamaru refused to ante up. As such, Ao whipped out an actual machine gun, and the Leaf Village ninjas seemed more than surprised.

So, it appears as if Ao just became Scarface. He introduced Konohamaru and company to his little friend.

In the past, Naruto's creator has said he never envisioned the franchise having guns. The world Kishimoto originally made had some modern elements, but it lacked advanced warfare tech since it had ninjas instead. After all, who needs a bomb when you can Rasengan a battlefield? However, as time has passed, the world of Naruto has changed in proportion. Technology is an untouched realm for the ninja community, but it won't be for long. If weapons like guns become commonplace, the whole universe will be rocked.


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