New ‘Boruto' Synopses Detail Lead-Up To The The Anime's Next Arc

Boruto successfully took over Naruto Shippuden’s place after the latter came to an end this March, and it seems the sequel is ready to embark on a new story. The anime just wrapped its ongoing ‘Hidden Mist’ arc, and a new set os synopses gives fans a hint at where the show’s next story will go.

Over in Japan, synopses for four upcoming Boruto episodes have gone live. You can check out summaries for the fillers below:

  • Episode 33: Slump!! Super Beast Imitating Drawing From Inojin Yamanaka’s love of drawing since a young age, his signature technique, Super Beast Imitating Drawing, breathes life into pictures. However, one day he suddenly became unable to use that technique. The confused Inojin sought out his father, Sai, who uses the same technique, but Sai would not give him any advice. For some reason, Sai then recommends Inojin participate in a drawing competition aimed at children.
  • Episode 34: The Night of Falling Stars In attempt to catch the mysterious fish Eiengoi, which is said to be “so tasty if you eat it once, you will never forget its deliciousness”, Boruto goes on a camping trip with his classmates. As this is likely to be the last event with his classmates before graduation, in an effort to create an everlasting memory, Boruto is determined to catch Eiengoi no matter what it takes.
  • Episode 35: The Tripartite Meeting…!! Before the graduation examinations, it has been decided that in order to confirm the students’ graduation options, there will be tripartite meetings for that effect. However, Boruto, who performs admirably in “Ninja Techiniques”, notices that he had never worked hard in class, and has made no commitment in becoming a ninja. Boruto then meets Sukea, a freelance journalist who is interviewing Academy students who are about to graduate. Sukea notices a certain dangerousness in Boruto’s carefree and comfortable perspective on what it means to be a ninja, and decides to give some advice to him.
  • Episode 36: Graduation Examinations, Begin!! Examinations, Begin!! At last, the graduation exams have begun. After the first theory exam has finished, Boruto and his friends challenge the practical abilities exam. The exam involves a “Bell Taking Test”, with the 6th Hokage, Kakashi Hatake, and the Academy’s other teachers as opponents.

The latter two synopses confirm what fans have long suspected; Boruto is about to head away from the Academy and introduce its titular hero to his genin squad. Fans of the franchise have already learned Boruto will be placed on Team 7 with Sarada and Mitsuki under their instructor Konohamaru. There is no telling how long the genin team will operate before they finally reach the story’s long-awaited ‘Chunin Exam’ arc, but fans know now that the anime is heading that direction quickly.

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