New 'Boruto' Spoilers Break Down the 'Chunin Exam' Arc

Despite some impatience with Boruto's pacing, most fans would agree that the series is officially arriving at an exciting point, with Boruto and his classmates gearing up for their Chunin Exams, even as the threat of the Otsutsuki Clan is rising again. Now, some new episode synopsis an spoilers for Boruto's next episodes (via Reddit) are revealing much more about how the Chunin Exam Arc will play out in the anime (SPOILER ALERT):

Episode 53: Himawari's Birthday

In contrast to his classmates who have shown the desire to take the Chunin Examination, Boruto's refusal of the exam confuses everyone. During this time, Boruto's family is celebrating Himawari's birthday by having the whole family together for the first time in a long while. Boruto is grateful that his father Naruto is keeping his promise of "celebrating Himawari's birthday together", however……. That night, the Uzumaki family is visited by a guest.

Episode 54: Sasuke and Boruto

Boruto's anger at his father for ruining his sister's birthday drives him to head to Naruto to directly talk to him. On the way, he comes across Sasuke. Fuelled by his anger, Boruto attacks Sasuke, only to be subdued in an instant. Having experienced Sasuke's strength firsthand, Boruto asks to be taken in as his student…….

Episode 55: Scientific Ninja Tool

Boruto's training as Sasuke's student begins. But all Boruto has on his mind is to get the better of Naruto, so as soon as his training hits a slight bump, he would immediately seek a solution from Sasuke. Also, to show his strength to his father, Boruto decides to take the Chunin Examination. During that time, the Jinchuriki Killer Bee is assaulted by a member of the Otsutsuki clan, Momoshiki, who has appeared from a different dimension.

Episode 56: Rivals, Gather!!

The Chunin Examinations are finally beginning, and to that end genin from a multitude of villages are gathering at the Village of the Hidden Leaf. Each of the genin from the different villages are sizing one another up, taunting one another, resulting in high tensions. Finally, the First Test of the Chunin Examination begins.]

Boruto 53 54 55 56 Preview Spoilers Sasuke

To be fair, most of these spoilers aren't exactly revelations. Much of what we see in these episode synopses was actually covered in Boruto: Naruto the Movie, the 2015 feature that first introduced Boruto to the Naruto franchise. The anime series has now officially caught up to where the movie begins, with episode 52's post-credits scene setting up Sasuke's fight with fringe Otsutsuki members Kinshiki and Momshiki, which is the opening scene of the movie. The anime will be stretching out the movie's events into a longer story format, but while the details will be new, the main arc isn't.


The primary two story points to focus on are the beginnings of Boruto's training under Sasuke, and his subsequent decision of whether or not to take the Chunin Exams. Thanks to these spoilers, we now know that Boruto will ultimately choose to enter the exams, and from the sound of episode 56, it will be an affair that will bring all kinds of young genin to Hidden Leaf - mostly likely some returning faces, like Kagura. Episode 57 is titled "Why I Can't Lose", so it'll be interesting to see if that appleis to something Boruto discovers during the exams, if it's the motivation another student finds, or perhaps something more sinister, like a cheater working some inside track.

Boruto airs new episodes Wednesdays on Funimation and Hulu.