BTS' CEO Reveals The Secret Behind The Group's Success

BTS fans have never doubted how far the band would go, and 2017 proved their intuition was [...]

BTS fans have never doubted how far the band would go, and 2017 proved their intuition was spot-on. In the last year, the rising k-pop group dominated the social media sphere with its successful entry into the global music scene. Now, the CEO behind BTS' agency is opening up about the group, and he says a lot of things came together to bolster its popularity.

"I think the subject matter that BTS deals with is universal," Bang Shi Hyuk told press recently when asked about BTS' global popularity (via Soompi).

"Media also had a huge impact," the CEO of Big Hit Entertainment continued. "The fandom was able to grow because videos related to BTS were translated into many different languages and posted to sites like YouTube or Twitter in real time."

As far as the group itself grows, Bang said its members made themselves open to fans in a special way. "The BTS members didn't try to maintain an air of mystery, and they enjoy communicating with their fans on social media," he added. "And we were lucky to meet such great fans," he explained.

Of course, the CEO is not wrong about BTS' loyal fandom. As the group has grown in fame, the band and the media have continued to praise the fans who support BTS. The fanbase, who goes by the name ARMY, is a truly international one that knows how to use social media for gain.

If you look online, you can see that BTS has amassed nearly 12 million followers on Twitter, and the site's stats for 2017 confirmed the band was its most-talked about topic above Justin Beiber and even Donald Trump. Now, as the band prepares for its first comeback of 2018, that fanbase only continues to grow. So, no one should be too surprised if BTS takes its global domination to a whole new level this year.

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