BTS Gushes Over John Cena's Support in New Interview

It is may come as a surprise, but the bond between BTS and John Cena is growing stronger by the day. The unlikely pair have been sending on-screen love letters to one another as the members of BTS are smitten with the WWE superstar. As it turns out, Cena is just as enamored by the K-pop group, and BTS is more determined than ever to thank the wrestler for his support in person.

Recently, BTS was asked to explain the relationship between its members and Cena during an interview with Esquire. It was there Kim Nam-John, who goes by the stage name RM, said the group collectively loves Cena because each member idolized the star growing up.

"He was our idol when we were young," RM said. "We love you as much as you support us, and we support you right back. We love you, John Cena. Let's us see you in person, please."

The rest of the group joined in with their own chimes of admiration. Min Yoon-gi immediately began humming part of Cena's walkout song that he made famous during his WWE heyday. Jeon Jung-kook also shouted out the wrestler while the rest of the members cheered him on.

For fans of BTS, they will know this relationship with Cena began awhile ago. The WWE star turned heads when he uploaded a photo of Jung Ho-seok on Instagram, and he promoted the rapper elsewhere on social media. Cena went on to record a message for the group in Korean to support them, and the love has just continued from there. The pandemic has surely put a wrench in any plans for the pair to meet, but when COVID get under control worldwide, fans are desperately hoping BTS can finally meet Cena in person.


Do you think BTS and Cena will ever be able to meet? Should the K-pop stars challenge the wrestler-turned-actor to a fight? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.