BTS And Netmarble Drop Surprise Video Game Announcement

It looks like BTS is ready to conquer a brand-new market. The group has done its rounds in the music sphere and done a fair share of acting. Now, BTS is looking to take over the gaming scene, and it will do so with the help of Netmarble.

After all, the game developer just announced it is making an official game for BTS.

Not long ago, Netmarble made an announcement regarding its upcoming slate of games. The developer confirmed it is working with Big Hit Entertainment to create a game where fans become a manager for BTS.

According to translators, the game is slated to debut in the first-half of 2018. The collaboration seems like it will operate like a visual novel as the “realistic cinematic game” gives users the chance to raise BTS members as their respective managers.

Netmarble could not give any specifics about the BTS game, but it did say the group had put in a lot of work on it.

“We will have over 10,000 photos and 100 video clips available only through the game,” the company said (via AllTheKPop). “BTS took photos, acted, and recorded the OST just for this game. This is an attempt to fuse games and other cultures."

If you are worried about the game’s localization, then you have no need. Netmarble stressed the game will be targeted for an international market. So, yes - that means languages aside from Korean will be available.

A short teaser was released for the game, which is titled BTS World, and it looks like it will be a hit. The app will give fans an inside-look at what it’d be like to work with the band, and the reel shows off one of the game’s functions. The members will be able to ‘video chat’ users as part of the game, so fans better prepare themselves. When BTS World drops later this year, they may need to call in sick for work.

Oh, and BTS created a brand-new song for the game too. There's that as well.

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