Captain America Gets Manga Makeover From A 'One Piece', 'My Hero Academia' Favorite

You don’t have to be a comic guru to know who Captain America is. Over the decades, the [...]

You don't have to be a comic guru to know who Captain Americais. Over the decades, the character has become a pop culture icon, and his debut in the MCU has made him one of the world's most recognizable heroes. So, fans shouldn't be surprised to hear Steve Rogers has some very talented stans.

No, really. Just check out Yusaku Shibata's Twitter and you'll see what the manga star has done for the hero.

Recently, the vetted Shonen Jump talent posted a take on Captain America that has fans buzzing. The artwork, which can be found below, shows how big of a fan Shibata is of the Super Soldier. The colorful drawing shows three iterations of Steve over his lifetime.

[Infinity War Fanart] Badass Captain America fanart by manga artist Yuusaku Shibata, from Steve Rogers to the Nomad from r/marvelstudios

At the bottom, fans can see a teeny-tiny Steve in his army gear before he got his serum. The petite hero is swimming in his uniform, but he looks as determined as ever.

Next, the artwork shows off Steve Rogers in his MCU prime. His red-white-and-blue look is unmistakable, and his shield just tops off the costume. With his blond hair pushed back, the First Avenger looks fresh-faced when compared to the piece's third drawing.

By the time Steve reaches Avengers: Infinity War, he has traded in his Captain America mantle to become Nomad. The hero is seen wearing a much darker suit, and his well-kept hair has grown unruly. With an impressive beard on his face, Steve looks as rugged as ever with a special Wakandan shield in hand.

As you might have guessed, this stunning artwork is getting all sorts of praise online, but manga lovers are not surprised by its quality. After all, Shibata is well-known talent in the industry. The artist has assisted the creators of One Piece and My Hero Academia at Shueisha, and he's the creator of Yoakemono.

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