Cells at Work Season 2 Announces Release Date; Subtitle

Perhaps there is no more timely instance for the anime series of Cells At Work! to return than now, with the release date for the second season confirmed by the anime franchise that focuses on the inner workings of the human body as if they were protagonists of a colorful series all their own! With the franchise focusing on a timid red blood cell and a battle hardened white blood cell, the anime has created a fan base for the series thanks in part to its colorful characters and insane scenarios, easily securing a second season!

Cells At Work! Code Black will be arriving onto televisions beginning in January of next year, 2021, with a different name to hint at the higher stakes that will be presented to our microscopic heroes that make the biology of humans seem both mundane and extraordinary at the same time! While there hasn't been a lot of details revealed about what is going to happen to the cells hard at work within the human body, it will once again be animated by David Productions, the animation studio behind the insanely popular anime created by Hirohiko Araki, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure!

Twitter User AIR_News01 found a publication on Amazon Japan's web page that confirms that Cells At Work! Code Black, the franchise's second season, will be arriving at the beginning of next year and further taking us into the world of the microscopic battles taking place on the battleground of the human body:


Cells At Work! originally hit the scene in 2015, with the first volume of its manga hitting the ground floor running, getting an anime adaptation consisting of thirteen episodes, a special .5 episode, as well as a television special that gave a new aspect to the inner workings of human biology! The series has become so popular that it has even warranted a light novel, a stage play, and even its own mobile game that follow this microscopic universe! In fact, the series has been praised by real world scientists for its realistic depictions of some of the operations within each of us!

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