Chainsaw Man: Crunchyroll Addresses Server Issues Amid Episode 3 Release

Chainsaw Man's third episode is now online but fans using Crunchyroll to stream the latest installment from Studio MAPPA might be running into some issues as the streaming service has addressed that their servers ran into some speed bumps. With this latest installment further focusing on Denji and his new devil-hunting partner, Power, it also takes the opportunity to introduce the Bat Devil, one of the most terrifying supernatural threats that the Chainsaw Man has faced so far following his fusion with his beloved dog, Pochita.

It should come as no surprise to anime fans that Chainsaw Man has skyrocketed in popularity, with the manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto becoming a hot ticket item long before MAPPA began working on the adaptation. While Denji's tragic tale does have some serious competition when it comes to attaining the title of "Biggest New Anime of 2022", specifically with anime adaptations including Spy x Family and Blue Lock, things are looking good for the new anime series when it comes to carving out a passionate fanbase and introducing countless new viewers to this dark, devil-filled universe.

All Chainsaw Systems Are Down

Crunchyroll shared the following statement with regards to the server issues that currently had many Chainsaw Man fans unable to dive into episode three, which continues to follow Denji's new life following the introduction of Power and Aki to the devil hunter's life: 

"Some users may be experiencing issues using Crunchyroll right now, but our team is aware and is already working to fix the situation. We'll get everything back to 100% for you as soon as possible! Thank you for your patience."  

Chainsaw Man's anime adaptation hasn't held anything back when it comes to showing how brutal Denji's world can be, not just only via demonic battles that are sure to share plenty of bloodshed with viewers, but also thanks to Denji's situation long before be became the Chainsaw Devil. Forced to pay off his father's debts to the mob following his suicide, Denji spent years living in squalor, forming a relationship with Pochita to help in fighting devils to pay the bills.

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Via Crunchyroll