Chainsaw Man Cliffhanger Unveils a Big Power Shift

Chainsaw Man is exploring some wild territory in the pages of its bloody manga. With Denji sitting on the sidelines as the new protagonist Asa Mikata takes the reins, the War Devil might have some serious strength at her disposal, but a ominous threat is throwing off the power structure of this shonen universe. Thanks to the introduction of the concept known as the "Primal Fears" in the manga series, Asa is going to have more to worry about than her plans for Denji. Be forewarned, spoilers for Chapter 122 of Chainsaw Man are nigh.

The start of this latest chapter of the Chainsaw Man manga might throw readers for a loop as Yoshida comes face to face with the Primal Fear known as the Famine Devil, who takes the form of a high school girl to hide their true power. Attempting to learn more about the power of the threat that is coming to the world, Yoshida details a recent experiment conducted by the Public Safety Commission. In this test, which happened prior to the events of the Chainsaw Man anime, the government organization was attempting to discover whether a Nostradamus prediction of an incoming doomsday was accurate, and as Yoshida details, it very well might be:

The Primal Fears Are Coming

"From the prophecies of Nostradamus, in the seventh month of 199, a great king of terror will descend. It's getting attention for predicting the end of humanity. Society sees the buzz as nothing more than sensationalized tv and excitable students, but Public Safety believes otherwise. In an experiment, they had thirty convicts make contracts with the Future Devil on the condition of their release. Then Public Safety had them ask when they were going to die. Surprise, surprise, the Future Devil predicted that twenty-three out of thirty will lose their lives in July 1999."

It would seem that the other seven of this prophecy were set to die the upcoming week for Denji and company, meaning that the Primal Fears arrival had already begun and something terrible was brewing. Despite Asa's power as the War Devil, whatever this new threat is that causes a large number of citizens to take their own lives might be too much for Mikata to handle. Hilariously, Asa is left with only a ruler as her weapon, managing to transform it into a sword but still looking to have plenty of trouble with one of the most disturbing-looking devils to date.

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