Chainsaw Man Statue Lets The Blood Flow With Power & Meowy

Chainsaw Man hit the ground floor running when the first anime season arrived on the small screen in 2022. Of all the characters that Denji has met on his journey as the Chainsaw Devil, there haven't been any that are quite as unique as the Blood Devil known as Power. With the anime franchise from Tatsuki Fujimoto gaining more popularity since its arrival, a new statue featuring Power and her beloved cat is set to take the world by storm.

Power the Blood Fiend has never been a fan of either humans or devils, deciding early on to survive by herself. Remarkably, Power found a kindred spirit in her cat, hilariously named Meowy. As we learn in Chainsaw Man's first season, the Blood Devil would go to any length to make sure that her cat was safe, even going so far as to betray Denji and Makima thanks to the Bat Devil holding Meowy hostage. Luckily, Denji was able to save the cat and got quite the reward from Power. Rest assured, whenever Chainsaw Man Season 2 does arrive from Studio MAPPA, expect Power and her cat to make a return to the small screen as well.

Chainsaw Man: A Girl And Her Cat

The upcoming statue has opened up pre-orders for those who want to add both Power and Meowy to their anime statue collection. The figure itself retails for a hair under $200 USD, and pre-orders are available starting now. The Chainsaw Man statue will then be released next summer, which will hopefully usher in a second season of the popular anime series.

Without diving into spoiler territory, Power hasn't had a big role in the second section of the Chainsaw Man manga. Denji has taken a back seat to the new protagonist on the block, Asa Mikata, who has struck a deal with the War Devil and is seeking to get revenge against the Chainsaw Devil. Considering how popular Power has become thanks to her dynamic personality, there are many fans of Tatsuki Fujimoto's franchise that are crossing their fingers that the Blood Devil might make a comeback in the series' future.

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