'Code Geass' Director, Writer Confirm Return For Next Project

Code Geass wants fans to know it hasn't forgotten its promise of a comeback. In 2016, reports confirmed the franchise would return with a sequel project that follows season two. Still, one more project has to go live before that third installment goes live, and it seems the upcoming work will be helmed by two very familiar people.

Recently, V-Storage let fans know director Goro Taniguchi and writer Ichiro Okouchi will work on the final compilation film in Code Geass' latest trilogy. The writer said the pair will return for what is "next" for the movies.

"At the time of the television series, I intended to close the book on Lelouch's story after the final episode," Okouchi explained (via ANN). "However, this film, Glorification [the recap trilogy's third film], is a little different. It wasn't intended to be an end but a beginning."

According to Taniguchi, the differences found in the final compilation film are not meant to retcon the original anime. If anything, the tweaks will act as an alternate route and give fans more than one outcome for Code Geass' canon.

So far, there is no word on whether the pair will work on the franchise's long-announced sequel. A couple years back, Code Geass: Resurrection was announced to a stunned anime fandom. However, fans have not received any substantial updates about the mysterious project since it was announced.

According to current reports, Resurrection will take place a few years after Lelouch sees his 'Zero Requiem' plan through. The staff also said Lelouch would return as a lead character in this third series and that it would really be him; He wouldn't come back via time travel, dimension hopping, or anything else. Fans have been wondering how that will go down since Lelouch seemed to have died at the end of season two.

For those unfamiliar with Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion, the series was created by Sunrise, with character designs provided my manga collective CLAMP. Set in an alternate world, the series follows Lelouch vi Britannia who decides to bring the Britannia Empire down when he receives the power of the Geass, which allows him to exert his will over others. The anime series ran for 50 episodes from 2006 to 2008. The series was licensed for an English language broadcast by Bandai, and was aired on Adult Swim in 2007.


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