Code Geass Sequel Makes Impressive US Box Office Debut

Code Geass is a series that has an interesting premise, exploring an alternate history where the world is split into three different factions: The Holy Britannian Empire, The Chinese Federation, and the European Union. While the series recently had one of its seasons drop on Netflix this month, a full length featured titled Code Geass: Lelouch of the Resurrection was recently released into US theaters. The series, brought to us by Funimation Productions for both its television and theatrical releases, seems to have quite a few fans to count on as the movie has debuted with an impressive initial take.

Box Office Mojo has reported that Lelouch of the Resurrection, which is currently in its third day of release, has made a total of $364,204 USD across the country. Opening initially on 478 screens, but then quickly expanding to 488, the film explores the world of beings with powers of immortality, and other abilities depending on their "code" that they've received, that also has futuristic technology and giant piloted robots. Considering the competition that Code Geass is currently seeing, its impressive to see that it cracked the top 10 for movies this past Tuesday, May 7th.

Across the seas however, Lelouch has already managed to find its sea legs. Opening in March of this year in Japan, the movie pulled in around an estimated $9 Million USD, or 1 billion yen. The film's story is certainly one that fans have been asking for, acting as both a sequel to the original and a crescendo to the series at large.

code geass resurrection
(Photo: Sunrise)

The English dub of the film features both new and returning cast members that include Johnny Yong Bosch as Lelouch vi Britannia, Kate Higgins as C.C., Yuri Lowenthal as Suzaku Kururugi, Karen Strassman as Kallen Kozuki, Rebecca Forstadt as Nunnally vi Britannia, Christopher R. Sabat as Bitool, Elizabeth Maxwell as Shamna, Gabe Kunda as Qujappat, Jared Gilmore as Shalio, Kim Mai Guest as Sayoko Shinozaki, Liam O'Brien as Lloyd Asplund, Patrick Seitz as Forgner, and Rich Sommer as Shesthaal.

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion was first created by Sunrise, with character designs provided by manga collective CLAMP. Set in an alternate world, the series follows Lelouch vi Britannia who decides to bring the Britannia Empire down when he receives the power of the Geass, which allows him to exert his will over others. The anime series ran for 50 episodes from 2006 to 2008. The series was licensed for an English language broadcast by Bandai, and was aired on Adult Swim in 2007.


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