Coronavirus Pandemic Postpones Another 2020 Anime

It is difficult to describe the impact the ongoing pandemic has had on global society. From entertainment to health services and beyond, the novel coronavirus has wreaked havoc on the lives of billions. Of course, the anime industry wasn't able to escape the virus like so many others, and it turns out another show has been postponed indefinitely in light of the pandemic.

The news came straight from Japan as the team behind Princess Principal: Crown Handler shared the news. The upcoming 2020 anime is being postponed until a yet-known date due to issues stemming from the coronavirus pandemic.

"We will postpone the release of Princess Principal: Crown Handler season one in light of recent announcements by the government regarding the spread of the new coronavirus infection," the staff explained.

"We apologize to everyone who was looking forward to it. The changed release date will be announced soon."


At this time, fans have no idea when Princess Principal will make its TV debut. The staff are waiting for restrictions to lessen in light of the pandemic, but reports continue to argue over how long these measures will be instated. A vaccine is off the table until next year, giving countries like the U.S. and Japan little choice but to social distance and test patients for the novel virus often. And if those measures manage to stop the onslaught of cases seen at hospitals, there is a chance Princess Principal can still debut this year.

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