Netflix's Cowboy Bebop Cast Hype What to Look Forward to in New Series

Netflix's take on Cowboy Bebop is set to arrive this November, with the live-action adaptation giving fans a new take on the world of the Bebop starring the likes of John Cho, Danielle Pineda, and Mustafa Shakir as the famous anime bounty hunters, Spike Spiegel, Faye Valentine, and Jet Black respectively. During the latest Netflix virtual event, TUDUM, the three main cast members of the series dove into a number of topics, while also expressing what fans of the original series can look forward to when it comes to their take on the anime's world.

Daniella Pineda, the actress that will be playing the Femme Fatale of the Bebop, got things started by stating that "From what we've seen thus far, there is nothing we can compare our show to. Maybe Kill Bill and Star Wars and that is really exciting. There's so many easter eggs in this show. So pay very close attention because every little thing matters."

Extrapolating on this fact, John Cho, the actor that will be bringing Spike Spiegel to life, noted that he's excited for fans to "see how we excavate the past of our characters. I think that's gonna be a real fun journey for the fans."

If you'd like to see the entirety of the three-way interview, Netflix Geeked shared the brief exchange that took place during TUDUM on its Official Twitter Account, with the trio of stars also exploring a number of other topics in relation to the live-action adaptation of Cowboy Bebop which will be hitting the streaming service on November 19th:

As anime fans may or may not know, this upcoming anime adaptation of Cowboy Bebop might be one of Netflix's biggest to date, but it's far from the last, as the streaming service is also working on television projects for both One Piece and Yu Yu Hakusho. With Cowboy Bebop slated to receive ten episodes as a part of its first season, fans are left wondering if it will strike a chord with fans enough to give it a season two, something which the creative minds of the series are crossing their fingers for. 


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