Netflix's Cowboy Bebop Shares Peek at One of the Anime's Best Scenes

Netflix has its eyes set on the stars these days, and we have Spike Spiegel to thank for its focus. The streaming service will bring its live-action adaptation of Cowboy Bebop to life this November, and fans have gotten a taste of what the show will dish out. And now, netizens know how one of the anime's most iconic scenes will stand up in real life thanks to a new shot.

The photo comes courtesy of Netflix as the site shared a special still from Cowboy Bebop. The moment in question can be found below, and fans of the anime will know where to place it with ease. After all, the Battle of Fallen Angels scene isn't just famous amongst Cowboy Bebop fans but the entire anime community at large.

For those who have seen the original series, Cowboy Bebop ramps up the tension ahead of this gorgeously framed shot. Spike Spiegel finds himself on another bounty when things go awry, and they get messed up by none other than Sid Vicious. The silver-haired thug is portrayed as a chaotic mercenary who will do whatever it takes to keep crime syndicates at each others' throats. As the episode goes on, Spike and Sid's pasts are teased out with fast-paced montages, and everything culminates in this standoff before a beautiful stained glass window.

Thanks to Netflix, fans have an idea of how this shot will look in real life, and netizens are impressed by how spot on the scene looks here. It is hard to see Sid in profile, but John Cho is nailing Spike's conflicted expression as fans will recall from the anime. So if the whole show is this authentic to the anime, well - Cowboy Bebop fans will be in for a real treat!

Cowboy Bebop will hit Netflix on November 19th. If you want to watch the original anime ahead of time, you can binge the series using Funimation or Hulu.


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