Cowboy Bebop Is Now On Netflix

Netflix is inching ever closer to releasing the live-action adaptation of Cowboy Bebop, the sprawling anime epic that he become one of the most beloved franchises within the medium, and to prepare fans of the Bebop for this new take on the classic tale, the streaming service has brought the original series by Sunrise to its library. With all twenty-six episodes of the series now on Netflix, fans can revisit the story of Spike, Faye, Jet, Ed, and Ein whenever they want or watch it for the first time to prepare for the new television series hitting this November.

Many anime fans are anxious to see what Netflix does with its upcoming adaptation, with the series starring John Cho, Mustafa Shakir, and Danielle Pineda playing the three major players of the Bebop in Spike Spiegel, Jet Black, and Faye Valentine respectively. With the live-action series recently revealing its introduction, which uses the same music as the anime series, along with a new trailer showing off the aesthetic of the show, many fans have been made more comfortable with each new piece of footage shown. While many of the main players from Cowboy Bebop have been shown to date, fans are left wondering if the Bebop's resident hacker Ed will also play a role in the first season.

Netflix Geeked shared the big news on its Official Twitter Account that Cowboy Bebop's original anime series was now streaming, while also sharing the legendary introduction by musician Yoko Kano, who is set to return to the world of the Bebop in the upcoming live-action adaptation:

The upcoming adaptation is set to arrive with ten episodes, as the creators have stated that they are definitely interested in creating more should a second season be confirmed. While will certainly be more than a few differences between the two stories following the Bebop, the live-action show has already shown a number of major characters that will be making their presence known in the series, including the likes of Pierre Le Fou and the Teddy Bomber to name a few.

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